I’m not a writer


I’ll reiterate: I’m not a writer. Some of my goals include being published in the kids lit world. But, I’m not a writer. Never have I sat down to write and thought “Yes, I can do this”. Most of the time I sit down to a heavy dread sitting in the back of my mind. A stormcloud filled with droplets of metal instead of water. But you can’t get something good without doing the hard work. Right? I think writing should be a straightforward A to B kind of journey; fill in these dots, type it up, answer some questions, double check and voila! But for me it’s always little scraps of paper floating about in different sketchbooks. Years of thoughts and sketches here and there with nothing organized or planned. I’ve never known how to move past the point of inspiration. Do I even have plot points, motivation for my main character, themes, an ending point? The answer to all those questions is NO. I feel lost in this cloud.

Recently I’ve started taking some online classes for styorytelling and it’s blowing my mind. I’m on my way. Though I know my journey will not be straightforward or easy I’m glad to be starting. Maybe someday this stormcloud will rain and the metal inside will turn out to have been gold all along. 

Shelley CouvillionComment